In this section, I will show you how to assemble and hookup the Z-axis homing switch on the KReduCNC.

To complete this upgrade, you will need to purchase the KReduCNC Z-axis upgrade kit found here:

KReduCNC Z-Axis Homing Switch Kit

The kit comes with the following:

  • 2, 4mm x 30mm machine screws
  • 2, #8 washers
  • 2, #2 washers
  • 2, #2 lock nuts
  • 2, #2 x 1/2" machine screws
  • 1, roller switch
  • 1, Mounting Bracket


In addition, you will need two pieces of 36" of hookup wire.




Step 1

Place a #2 washer on both of the #2 machine screws and insert through the bracket, then through the switch.

Notice the orientation of the bracket and the switch.

Secure with two #2 lock nuts as shown.


Step 2

Solder each of the 36" hookup wires to the contacts marked NO, and C.

Note that the hookup wire can be single wires are part of a cable.  Here I am using two conductor security cable.


Step 3

Remove the two screws shown here, from the Z-carriage.


Step 4

Add a #8 waster to each of the 4mm x 30mm machine screws.

Place the bracket over the holes as shown and secure with the two 4mm x 30mm machine screws.

If you are using the acrylic mounting bracket, dont over tighten or you will crack the bracket.


Step 5

Rout the wires between the two shafts as shown here.

As an option you can add split loom tubing to cover the wires.


Step 6

Run the wires through the access panel in the back of the frame.

Connect one of the wires (red) to  port 10 on the input connector as shown here.

Connect the other wire (black) to the terminal marked COM.

Notice that I have added a terminal block for the COM connection, as several upgrades will need to connect to this terminal.


Step 7

You will need to enable the Z-axis homing switch in the "Input Signals" tab, located under the "Ports & Pins" menu.