Linear Rail

I will be attaching 20mm x 900mm supported rails to the base to act as the Y rails.

The linear rail is attached to the base using 10-32 machine screws and 10-32 Tnuts.

Once all the machine screws and Tnuts have been installed on one side of the linear rail they are slid into the outside slot on the long axis as shown here.


I snug all the screws.

I Repeat on the oposite side.


Y Rail Supports

The Y rail supports are made from a piece of 1" x 1" x 1/8" thick x 36" long steel angle. One for each side.

I drilled 8, 5/16" holes in the center of one side of each angle at the locations shown here.

I placed a 1/4" bolt, and washer through each hole and added a 1/4" Tnut as shown here.

The Tnuts are inserted into the upper most outside T-slot on each side of the base.

I slide the support all the way until the end is flush with the base as shown here.

I press the support firmly against the rail and tighten the 8 bolts.

Loosen the 10-32 machine screws holding the rail to the base just enough to slide the rail over until its flush with the edge of the support.

Using a 1/4" bit, I drill a through each of the holes in the rail all the way through the support. 

I then snug the screws once again.

I add a #10-32 machine screw and nut to each of the holes and snug them up.

I repeat on the oposite side.



This completes the Y rail assembly. This configuration will be used on all of the CNC Construction Set builds.

Note that the rails will be loosened and tuned once the Y carriages and X axis is complete.