What is the CNC construction set?

The CNC Construction Set (CNCCS) is a CNC machine with a 15" x 28" travel. It is a machine you can build yourself, using the following books as a guide.

The machine is designed to accommodate various CNC operations such as:

  • CNC Plasma Cutter (Shown on the Left)

  • CNC Router or VFD controlled Spindle

  • CNC Laser Engraver

  • CNC Drag Knife

  • Hot Wire Foam Cutter

  • CNC Pen Plotter

  • CNC Plate Marker

The CNC Construction Set features a removable Z-carriage. This allows for Z-carriages that are better designed to suit the type of operation you are performing.

The following is a list of the currently available workbooks. Each volume includes its own detailed “Bill of Materials”, with product links to the components needed for the frame construction.

Volume 1

CNC Construction Set Volume 1 : Frame and Carriages

Volume 1 is the foundation to the CNC Construction Set. It covers the basic frame and carriage construction.

  • Pages 112

  • Chapters 11

Get volume 1 here: Volume 1

Volume 2

CNC Construction Set Volume 2: ACME Drive Components

Volume 2 covers the ACME screw drive components and installation.  In addition you will be shown how to do some extensive tuning of the carriages.

  • Pages: 170

  • Chapters: 15

  • Requirements: Volumes 1

Get volume 2 here: Volume 2

Volume 3

CNC Construction Set Volume 3: Basic Electrics

Volume 3 covers the hookup and configuration of the steppers motors using the UC100 motion controller, G540 and Mach3.

  • Pages: 160

  • Chapters: 14

  • Requirements: Volumes 1 and 2

Get Volume 3 here: Volume 3

You must choose between basic electrical hookup (Volume 3) or advanced electrical hookup (Volume 3B).

The UC100 is great for 3 axis milling. It will allow you control your machines 4 stepper motors. The UC100 is the most inexpensive way to get your machine moving.

Volume 3B

CNC Construction Set Volume 3b: Advanced Electrics

Volume 3B covers the hookup and configuration of the steppers motors using the UC300ETH motion controller, G540, and Mach3. This volume also covers adding both a 12V and 5V regulator for various accessories and breakout boards.

  • Pages: 194

  • Chapters: 18

  • Requirements: Volumes 1 and 2

Get volume 3B here: Volume 3B

The UC300ETH is a more advanced controller that will enable you to add more control of your machine. You will be able to add several more motors to your machine for some very complex operations.

While the UC300ETH will cost you more to get up and running, is is better suited for operations like plasma cutting.

Volumes 4 - TBA…

More Upgrades

Volume 5 - Coming Soon

CNC Plasma Table - Everlast 50S Edition

Volume 5B - TBA…

CNC Plasma Table - Hyperterm PM 65 Edition