I am dust crazy. I go to all lengths to keep dust out of my shop. I have a monster central cyclone system and several high end shop vacuums, many with their own small cyclones as well.

The AirExchanger allows you to push the router cooling exhaust air out the sides without affecting the air inside your dust shoe. This allows for a smaller more efficient shoe. Your dust collector does not have to compete with the vent air, thus requiring smaller vacuum.

The original AirExchanger It took me almost a year to develop. This new generation improves on the old design by allowing magnetic bases.

Our AirExchangers are compatible with all CNC machines.

There are two types of AirExchangers currently available.

  • AirExchanger Deluxe Kit
  • AirExchanger Special Edition



AirExchanger Deluxe Kit

The AirExchanger Deluxe Kit contains all the parts needed to get your dust management system up and running. 

The kit contains the following:

  • AirExchanger Kit
  • Magnetic Base Kit
  • Magnetic Dust Shroud Kit
  • Large Brush Kit

In addition you can purchase extra dust shroud kits here: Magnetic Shroud Kit.

AirExchanger Deluxe Features

  • Diverts router vent air outside vacuum area. Your dust collector does not have to compete with the vent air, thus requiring smaller vacuum.
  • Provides magnetic mounting mechanism for dust shroud. Shroud is easily removable, even with collet, vacuum hose, and bit attached to router.
  • See through design, Allows you to see the bit while CNC is in operation.
  • Holds your routers spindle wrench in place. This allows one handed collet adjustment. No more dropping bits.
  • Catches up to 99.9% of even the smallest airborn dust when shroud is attached.
  • Supports different sized dust shrouds. Create a shroud for your small bits and another for your large ones.



AirExchanger Special Edition

The AirExchanger Special Edition is a completely assembled AirExchanger.

It shares all the features of the AirExchanger Deluxe but includes acrylic side spacers all Baltic birch components are painted black.


Router Compatibility

Currently both versions are compatible with the following routers:

  • Bosch 1617EVS
  • Dewalt DW688
  • Hitachi M12
  • Makita RF1101



Dust Shrouds

The AirExchanger Deluxe is compatible with our Magnetic Dust Shroud

The assembly instructions for the magnetic dust shroud can be found here:

Magnetic Dust Shroud Assembly Instructions