Bill Of Materials

The following is a list of components needed to build your KRmf70 CNC. They are listed in the order they are presented in the book.

Note that I did not list some of the more common hardware components such as #6 hex nuts or washers. They can be found online or at most hardware or home centers. They are listed at the beginning of each chapter where needed.

KronosRobotics does offer a hardware bundle that includes all the hardware used in chapters 1-6 (CNC Axis Conversion) These are indicated by an asterisk next to the item when listed in the book.


Chapter 1 - Getting Started


The Proxxon MF70 micro mill is a crucial component of this CNC build.


While the link to the mill is listed on Amazon.  It can sometimes be found cheaper at other sites.


Chapter 2 - Hand Wheel Clamp Assembly


The hardware components needed for the conversion are listed at the start of each chapter. Most can be purchased from hardware stores or home centers, but a few of the metric components can be hard to find. For this reason Kronos Robotics offers a complete hardware bundle for your convenience only.

The components in this bundle can be identified by an asterisk in the BOM at the start of each chapter.


Chapter 3 - Conversion Plate Assembly

This chapter uses the parts from the KRmf70 Conversion Mount Parts listed above.  There is no need to purchase additional components.


Chapter 4 - X-axis Conversion

While these motors are used in Chapters 5, and 6 as well, you should purchase all three here.


Chapter 7 - CNC Base


Chapter 8 - Power Supply

Note that this is more wire than you need but will come in handy when doing upgrades.


Chapter 10 - Mounting the Mill


Chapter 11 - Mach3

Mach3 Software


The cost of Mach3 was not included here as it is used only on demo mode.




Additional Items mentioned in the book