This is the support page for the CNC conversion I did for Servo Magazine.  


Note that the files provided on this page may not work with the newer KRmf70 CNC conversion project.


Support Files

These are the support files you will need to setup and test your mill.




Components You Will Need For the Conversion

The various components were covered in the second article in the series. This article will be published in the May issue of Servo Magazine.

Please be aware that this page will evolve as the project does.  I will be adding more items as we progress though the MF70 conversion and upgrades.


Micro Mill

Proxxon Micro Mill MF 70 (37110)

The MF70 mill comes with a set of collets, and clamp kit to get you started.

The mill has a X-Y travel of 5-17/64 x 1-13/16". It has a Z travel of 2-3/4". The spindle is a 1/8 HP high precision motor with a variable speed of 5000-20000 RPM.


Electronic Components


Controller Board

The controller board is what takes the commands from the PC and drives the stepper motors.

3 Axis Stepper Controller

This is the SainSmart CNC TB6560 3 Axis Stepper Motor Driver Controller is a perfect match for the MF70 CNC conversion.  The MF70 conversion instructions included directions for setting up this controller. Note that this controller can be upgraded to four axis later.

Please note that the Servo Magazine articles only cover this board in detail.  While you can use the 4 Axis controller, it will only be covered in my book.



Power Supply

This power supply provides the power for the above controller board to drive the stepper motors.

24V 15 Amp Power Supply

This power supply is perfect for the above controller and the NEMA 17 motors you will be using.  In addition to the one linked above I have tested this one as well and its also a good match.

24V 15 Amp Power Supply


3 Prong Power Cord

You will need a three pronged power cord for your power supply.

In addition you will need the following hardware to mount the power supply.

  • 4, M4-.7 x 6mm machine screws


Stepper Motors

You will need three stepper motors for the MF70 CNC conversion.

NEMA 17 Stepper Motor x 3

These are 5.5Kg-cm (76 oz-in) four lead motors. They come with a four pin female connector on the end. They have a current per phase of 1.5A. The link above will provide full specifications.


Motor Mount Components


Conversion Mount Parts

Servo Magazine Conversion Parts

These parts are required to mount the stepper motors to the MF70. Please note that the hardware below is needed to install these parts.


Conversion Hardware

You will need the following hardware to mount your motors to the above mounts.

  • 15, #6-32 x 1" Machine screws
  • 15, #6-32 Hex nuts
  • 9, M3-.05 x 30mm Machine screws
  • 6, #6 Flat washers
  • 6, #6 Internal tooth lock washers
  • 12, M3-.05 x 10mm Socket head screws
  • 6, 1/4-20 x 3" Full Thread Carriage Bolts
  • 6, 1/4-20 Hex nuts
  • 6, 1/4 Split lock washers
  • 10, 1/4 Flat washers
  • 12, 1/4-20 x 7/8" Threaded spacers

If you have dificulty sourcing the hardware you can purchase a complete hardware bundle here:  CNC Conversion Hardware



Other Parts Used in the Conversion


Jumper Wires

The breadboard jumper wires are used to make a connector that connects to the terminals on the controller board and the four pin header used on the stepper motors I have chosen for this conversion.  If you decide to use other motors you will have to devise your own connector or wire the motor directly to the terminals on the controller.

You can get a set of jumper wires here:

Breadboard Jumper Wires


Another part used to make the connectors are the headers shown here: You can pick up a set here:

2.5mm headers 1x40


Micro Mill Accessories


Precision Machine Vise

MF70 Precision Machine Vise

This is a perfect milling vise for use with the converted MF70. While you wont use it for milling larger parts, it works very well for the smaller ones.

See it in Action Here


End Mill 3 Piece Set

Proxxon 27116 Milling Cutter Set

This is a good starting point for end mills. You get a 1mm, 2mm, and 3mm end mill in a nice storage box.