What is the HANS Electric Gear Clock?

HANS is a wooden gear clock that was designed from the ground up to help you successfully build your first gear clock.

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The instructions for building HANS are in the form of a book. This book consists of 136 pages grouped into 11 chapters. The book will take you step by step through the process of building a real working gear clock. 

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HANS Design Highlights


Drive Motor

Many wooden gear clocks utilize a wights to power the gear clock. These present three problems.

  • You have to wind the clock every day or two.
  • They are inaccurate.
  • They don't hold up over time.

The HANS electric gear clock utilizes an easy to obtain synchronous motor to drive the clock. This motor attached to the first gear, will keep the clock accurate to within a second or two each month.

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Cutting Techniques

The gears used in the HANS clock can be made by tracing and cutting with a saw, or by using a set of templates and a router table. 


Plate Design

The plates were designed so that only the arbor hole locations are critical. You are free to alter the plate shape as you see fit.



Scale drawings for all parts are included in the book. These can be enlarged if needed to create full sized drawings. 

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The book can be purchased here:

A special CNC bundle can also be purchased on this web site. This version of the book comes with a DVD that contains drawing files so you can use your CNC or Laser to cut the parts.