How you cut your tubes will determine how much work you have to do to clean them up.

If you are not into cutting or cleaning your tubes, I will offer the cut or cleaned sets here:

CNC Pen Holder Parts Kits


Cutting Tools

Lets take a look at some of the tools available to cut brass tubes.


Tube Cutters

This make short work at cutting brass tubes. But they do have some negatives for our application.

First, it can be difficult to get an accurate cut.  Another problem with these cutters is that they will pinch (inward flare) the tube inward ever so slightly. While this pinch can be removed, it does result in more work.

You can gone of these cutters here:

Mini Tubing Cutter

Note that I will be using one of these when I build the CNC Short Pen. This is because I actually want the little flare this makes on the tube.


Hand Saws

Hand saws are probably the cheapest way to cut brass tubing. The best way to use a hand saw to cut tubing is to make a jig that holds the tube and keeps the saw blade perpendicular to the tube as you cut.

These are pefectly fine if you are only cutting a couple tubes. 

This is one of my favorites:

Tekton 6823 2-in-1 Hacksaw


Rotary Tools

Most of you have some sort of rotary tool.  These can make short work at cutting a brass tube.  Cuts made with hand held rotary tool are not as strait and tend to need more cleanup.

Note that you can also use the rotary to to help clean up your cuts.

You can pickup a Dremel 4000 rotary tool here:

Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kit

You can pickup a Dremel 4000 rotary tool here:

Dremel 4000 Rotary Tool Kit


If you really wont the best rotary tool, I can voutch for this one:

Proxxon 38481 Rotary Tool IBS/E

I have used the IBS/E as a spindle on my KReduCNC build.




Mini Miter Saw

There are several of these little desk-top cutoff saws. But it can be a little tricky to hold a 1/2" piece of tube in the tiny vise that is provided.

You can pick one up here:

Mini Miter/Cutoff Saw

My goto saw for cutting tubing is the Proxxon KGS 80 Miter saw.

This saw has an 80mm carbide tip blade that will cut through brass like butter.

It has a more powerful motor and the vise is a dream to use.

The KGS 80 comes with its own adjustable length stop, but I built my own stop system using an Incra Jig.

A little video of the KGS 80 cutting a 1/2" brass tube.

If you are going to be cutting alot of tubing and/or aluminum, you might want to consider this saw.

Proxxon KGS 80 Miter Saw


Cleaning the Tubes

What ever method you use to cut your tubes, you will need to deburr them.

Here I am using some 220 grit sand paper to remove the burr from the out side of the cut edges.

I then roll up a piece of 220 grit sand paper and hit the inside edge of the cuts.

I want to give the outside of the tubes a  somewhat polished surface so I lightly sand with 600 grit sand paper.



I also keep one of these deburring tools handing. While they don't work as well as sand paper, they can help.

You can pick one up here:

Inner/Outer Reamer



A little video showing my process.