My grand daughter came to me and asked if I would make her a wooden Christmas tree.

I had all kinds of ideas: 5' tall, lights, detachable branches, holes for bulbs.  She promptly interjected, just a little one, not holes or lights, just some paint, and she wanted to help paint it.


The simple Christmas tree project is born. Its a simple tree cut out of a 9" x 11" x 1/2" piece of scrap plywood.

The Design

I did the design in Corel Draw, using a couple images from the internet helping with the basic shape of the tree.

I also added a slotted base to make it easy to stand. (and paint)

I sized it for a piece of stock 9" x 11" and exported it as an EPS file.


I used VcarvePro as my CAM software to create the toolpaths.  I created the toolpaths for a 1/8" spiral bit which you can purchase here:

1/8" Spiral Router Bit

Note that these bits also have a 1/8" shank so you will need a 1/8" collet or and adapter.

  • DOC=.03
  • Speed=50IPM
  • RPM=18000


The Job

The actual routing job took about 10 minutes, but could have been done much faster by increasing the DOC to .06".  I tend to be a little conservative when starting any new project.


I used a 1/4" roundover bit and a router table to remove the tabs and round over the edges.  You could also use a rotary tool.

I sanded the plywood and edges with some 80 grit sand paper and finished with some 120 grit.


Since the little one was going to do most of the painting, I put down a lot of newspaper, and decided on acrylic paint.

The main tree and the base were both painted a hunter green and let dry.  This particular paint went down in one coat. Other types may require more coats.

I wanted to keep it somewhat rustic , so we did not do any sanding of the paint.

The lights and decorations were added after the base coat dried. These were simply added by using a small brush.  

Drawing Files

Here are the drawing files to get you started.

Christmas tree Files

The file contains eps, ai, and dxf drawings, as well as the Vcarve crv file.  

I have also included the gcode but this may not work with some machines.

Have fun......