Working With Aluminum #12

Working with Small Parts


  • Tool: Onsrud 1/8" O-flute bit
  • Stock: 1/16" thick 6061 Aluminum
  • Lubrication: Sta-Lub Soluble Oil


There are many times when I want to make a small part quick.  One way I found was to use a piece of 6061 square tubing stock.  Just throw it in the vise, set the center point, then mill.

In this example, I am milling a small 1/6" thick Z homing switch plate for a small desktop CNC I built.

I made a mistake while milling this part.  I had set the feed to 40IPM.  It should have been 20IPM.

Even 20IPM would have been an aggressive cut, but would have given a much better finish.

This is a very cool way to machine small parts.  And you get four sides of the stock to mill, as long as you don't boogger the edges up too bad.

Another benifit, is that since the tubing is hollow, the part can fall through, no need for tabs in most cases.