The Table

I recently added an aluminum table to my CNCCS machines. You can see my write-up on that table here:

Heavy Duty Aluminum Table

In addition to the table I have added a fence on the left side of the table that runs parallel to the Y-axis.

Please note that while I am using the CNCCS build mounting the rotary on the KRMx02 aluminum table will be identical.

Mounting the Rotary 

In this case, I move the against the fence and clamp it in place.

One clamp on the left and and two clamps on the right. I used 1/4” studs and T-nuts for the clamps.

Mounting the Tail stock

The difference between the width of the tail stock and the rotary is 21mm. So I cut a spacer half that distance at 10.5mm.

By placing the spacer between the tail stock and the fence it will be centered to the rotary and in-line with the Y-axis.

You can leave the spacer in-place or remove it.

I used 1/4-20 T-bolts along with the the knobs to allow me to easily release the tail stock so I could slide it into position as needed.


So far, this is the easiest way I have found to install the rotary and tail stock in a quick and accurate manor. By just loosening 7 knobs I can remove the whole thing.

By mounting the rotary to the far left, I still have room to do machining to the right of the rotary. Not that you can also mount a piece of aluminum on the right of your machine and mount the rotary on the right using the same technique.

Some of the hardware I used