What is the CNC construction set?

The CNC Construction Set (CNCCS) is a CNC machine with a 15" x 28" travel. It is a machine you can build yourself, using the following books as a guide.

The machine is designed to accommodate various CNC operations such as:

  • CNC Plasma Cutter (Shown on the Left)

  • CNC Router or VFD controlled Spindle

  • CNC Laser Engraver

  • CNC Drag Knife

  • CNC Pen Plotter

  • CNC Plate Marker

The CNC Construction Set features a removable Z-carriage. This allows for Z-carriages that are better designed to suit the type of operation you are performing.

The following is a list of the currently available workbooks. Each volume includes its own detailed “Bill of Materials”, with product links to the components needed for the frame construction.

Volume 1

CNC Construction Set Volume 1 : Frame and Carriages

Volume 1 is the foundation to the CNC Construction Set. It covers the basic frame and carriage construction.

  • Pages 112

  • Chapters 11

Get volume 1 here: Volume 1

Volume 2

CNC Construction Set Volume 2: ACME Drive Components

Volume 2 covers the ACME screw drive components and installation.  In addition you will be shown how to do some extensive tuning of the carriages.

  • Pages: 170

  • Chapters: 15

  • Requirements: Volumes 1

Get volume 2 here: Volume 2

Volume 3

CNC Construction Set Volume 3: Basic Electrics

Volume 3 covers the hookup and configuration of the steppers motors using the UC100 motion controller, G540 and Mach3.

  • Pages: 160

  • Chapters: 14

  • Requirements: Volumes 1 and 2

Get Volume 3 here: Volume 3

You must choose between basic electrical hookup (Volume 3) or advanced electrical hookup (Volume 3B).

Volume 3B

CNC Construction Set Volume 3b: Advanced Electrics

Volume 3B covers the hookup and configuration of the steppers motors using the UC300ETH motion controller, G540, and Mach3. This volume also covers adding both a 12V and 5V regulator for various accessories and breakout boards.

  • Pages: 194

  • Chapters: 18

  • Requirements: Volumes 1 and 2

Get volume 3B here: Volume 3B

 Volumes 4 - 12 TBA…