In this article, I am going to make my torch holders for my Everlast iPT60 torch.

You can get all the drawing and gcode files here:

Everlast iPT60 Torch Holder Files

The drawing files above, contain the VcarvePro file shown here. If you are using VcarvePro, feel free to open the project and look at the settings I have used.

If your not using VcarvePro, the drawing files also contains dxf, eps, and ai files so you can design your own tool paths.

Gcode File

I have also included the Gcode file to make this tool holder.

Note that the 0,0 point is located on the front left corner, as shown here.

The gcode will set the spindle speed to 20,000 RPM. If your machine does not have automatic speed control, you will have to set your router/spindle manually.

The code is written for a 1/8” two flute upcut spiral bit. You could use a 1/8” straight bit and it should work just fine.

The stock is 1/2” Corian. The Gcode should work for other plastics as well. Note that you can always override the feed and spindle speed if you need to. 

Cutting the Part

The drawing files and gcode are all set to cut the part out of a 4” x 4” piece of stock.

Here I have mounted that on my machine and set my origin points to the front left corner. I zeroed the router bit to the top of the stock.

The machined part.

Here I have removed the tabs from the torch hole and outside edges. I used a rotary tool with a sanding drum.

You will need two of these to make the torch holder.

Finishing the Part

You need to drill two holes in the base as shown here.

Use a 9/64” drill bit and drill the holes through the shoulder all the way to the back of tool holder.

Note that you need to constantly clear the chips so they dont melt and stick to the drill bit.

when the part was created a very small groove was added. Place the drill bit in the grove in the center of the width.

Place the front lip of the tool holder on a raised surface as shown here and drill through.

The next step is to place a line down the center of the lip as shown here.

Use the groove as a guide.

Use a saw to cut along this line. Here I used a band saw, but you can use any kind of saw.

  • Scroll saw

  • hacksaw

  • reciprocating saw


That’s it, use the instructions in volume 5 to assemble the torch holder.

Note that if you wish to paint your torch holder, now will be a good time.