First let me start by stating, that I purchased the P

In research for some books I plan on writing, I decided to purchase and Everlast 60s power plasma. During the research I found that Everlast was coming out with a 50s powerplasma model.  The S series powerplasma cutters all feature a CNC port. While 50s does not have the power of the 60s, it does have the option of running on 110v or 220v.  It's also a little cheaper.  I new that I would be purchasing a larger plasma cutter later so I pulled the trigger and ordered the 50s from Amazon.

When I started this research project, I had decided on purchasing 3 plasma cutters:

  • Low End (cheapest I could find that would still work on a CNC)
  • Middle of the Road (Little more expensive, but more features and power)
  • High End (Hypertherm 65 or 85)

The Everlast 50s would fill the bill for the "Middle of the Road" unit. It currently has a list price of $849, and can be purchased from Everlast via Amazon.




I ordered the plasma cutter on 2/24/2016 and It arrived less than a week later. The box looked in great shape with no visible damage.

You can see here that it is well packed.

Note the manual is right on top.  


The manual included is not very detailed. You can download a better manual directly from the Everlast website.

Everlast Manual

The box located next to the packing foam and helps with the padding it contains the torch and included accessories.



The power supply is wrapped in a bag and securly packed in three large pieces of packing foam.

Two on the front and back and one on the bottom.

Shown here is the front of the unit powered up and ready to cut.

Shown here:

  • Work Clamp (10 Ft)
  • PT60 Hand Torch (15Ft)
  • 110V Pigtail

The Everlast 50s will run on 110V or 220V. On 110V you can cut up to 20 Amps.  Please note that you will need a 20 Amp circuit.


Shown here:

  • Water trap and hose
  • Hose nipples and clamps
  • Water trap mounting bracket
  • Extra Fuses

Please note that the water trap is not a water dryer. For anything but very short cuts, you will need some sort of air dryer.

The torch comes with an electrode and nozzle installed on the torch. These were used to test the torch before it shipped.

In addition the unit ships with 5 extra electrodes and 5 extra nozzles.

An electrode wrench is also included.

In addition, the Everlast 50s comes with a CNC connector.  The included manual gives the pin out for the connector.



Shown here is the back of the unit. This is straight out of the box.  You will need to install the water trap before you can use the plasma cutter.

To start you install the water trap bracket shown here.

The water trap is attached to the bracket.

Next, the hose is installed using the nipples and clamps provided.

You will need to install you hookup connector for your air system. Here I am using a standard 1/4" quick connect.


Use nylon tape on all connections.  Make sure you don't cover any of the openings with the tape.


How does it work

I found the PT60 torch very easy to use. Its light, and yet extremely durable.  The built-in switch is easy to operate with gloves and durable as well.  I use the the cutter for mostly 1/8" and 1/4" steel and it cuts through both like butter.

The 90 degree angle on the torch head makes it very easy to mount on a CNC.

The 50s also features a blow back pilot arc system.  This eliminates the HF pilot arc and all the issues that comes with it.

The blow back pilot arc makes it much easier to integrate into a CNC.

The included CNC connector makes it very easy to start the torch with your CNC machine. The connector included the following signals.

  • Torch Start
  • Arc OK
  • Divided Arc Voltage


Everlast 50s In Action

Here I design and cut a pinion gear that will be used on my shop door lock. 


Here I design and cut a bracket used to add a tool rest to my sharpener.

Here I am cutting a set of plates that will be used to make a universal adapter for my shop press.



All in all I am very happy with the Everlast 50s. One thing I will say is that it is very easy on the air supply.  I am able to run it from a little 5 gallon compressor doing short hand cuts on 110v in my garage.  I can run it all day from my 6CFM 20 gallon portable compressor in my shop. 

In addition the 50s is very easy on power.  I can run it all day from a 250v 20Amp circuit without tripping the breaker.


One down side would be the lack of tested consumables. There is no information on feeds and speed when it comes to CNC use. I had to dial in the settings by making and documenting cuts like the ones shown here.

Here I used the Harbor Freight 40Amp plasma cutter consumables to dial in a fairly decent cut.


While I was able to find some PT60 torch drag cut consumables, the did not work very well as they were unshielded and tended to stick to the metal you are cutting.  I did find some century catalogs for a whole line of consumables for the PT60 torch, but most of the items listed were no where to be found.

That said the Harbor Freight 40Amp consumables worked great and I use them more than the standard 50 Amp consumables that Everlast sells.

You can purchase an Everlast 50s here: Everlast 50s from Amazon

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