What's in the Book

The book consists of 202 pages laid out into the following chapters.

  • Getting Started
  • Stand Assembly
  • Y-beam Assembly
  • Table And Rails
  • Y-carriage Construction
  • X-beam
  • X-carriage
  • Z-carriage
  • Motor Mounts
  • Installing the ACME Screws
  • KRMx01 Electronics
  • Mach 3
  • Installing Stepper Motors
  • Cable Hookup
  • Adjusting the Drive Train
  • Router Hookup
  • Conclusion

Download the complete book here

Chapter Layout

Each chapter starts with list of tools, bill of materials, time and cost estimates, needed to complete the chapter.


At the beginning of each chapter you will be presented with a list prerequisites. These are a set of conditions that should be met before starting the chapter. This is also where source locations for various parts will also be listed. 

Lead Screws3.jpg

Each chapter will take you step-by-step through the process of creating or assembling the various components needed to complete the KRMx01 CNC. In many cases you will be shown techniques for making the component.

Y carriage4.jpg

Each chapter ends with an illustration of the completed components. If any adjustments are required they are also listed.

Y Beam12.jpg

Some Featured Content

Step-by-step guide through the construction process with exploded views.

Y Beam8.jpg

Step-by-step guide through basic electrical hookup.

Basic Electronics5.jpg

Step-by-step guide through Mach 3 installation.


Step-by-step guide through Mach 3 configuration.


Step-by-step instructions on motor hookup and cabling.

Cable Hookup11.jpg