Building the KRMx02 CNC Workbook


Building the KRMx02 CNC Workbook


 The Illustrated Guide to Building a High SPeedCNC Router

This 212 page book describes step by step how to build your very own heavy duty rack and pinion CNC router. The author breaks the process down into individual chapters. Each chapter includes its own bill of materials, list of tools needed. In addition both time and cost estimates are also at the start of each chapter.

This workbook edition gains you access to the private KRMx02 Forums.

Even if you aren’t building the KRMx02 CNC described in the book, the techniques used will help you with your own designs.

The companion DVD includes the following items:

  • Color copies of every photo and illustration in the book, as well as all layout figures.
  • A master BOM list with hyper links is included in both PDF and excel format.
  • All Gcode referenced in the book is included, as well as some test Gcode.
  • The Mach3 configuration file.

A detailed breakdown of the book can be found here

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