The DIN rail system would be nothing without mounting brackets. 

These are some of the mounting brackets that I have created. They have been printed on my 3D printer.  The STL files are provided so you may print them for your own personal use.

When printing, the bracket should be oriented on its side.

Please note that I am constantly trying to improve these brackets. I will post new versions as they are developed.


Kronos Robotics Universal Long DIN Rail Bracket V5

This is my go to DIN rail bracket of choice. It features several pilot hols on the top for mounting everything from PCB boards to stepper motor drivers.

There are three large access holes on the bottom.  These allow you to attach a screw from the underside of the bracket.

They are designed to snap-in and snap out. If you want to lock them in place you can add a screw to the front of the bracket.


Kronos Robotics Universal Short DIN Rail Bracket V5

These are exactly the same as the long version.  They are just a little shorter.


Kronos Robotics Universal DIN Rail Switch Holder V1

This switch holder is used to hold a switch or button with a 1/2" mounting post.


Kronos Robotics DIN Rail EStop Holder V1

This bracket is used to hold a large mushroom style switch used for a CNC Estop.

The switch is slid in from the side.


STL File

KR DIN Rail EStop Holder V1

Retail Mounting Bracket

If you don't have access to a 3D printer, you can purchase a set of brackets.

These kits come in 5 Sets (10 Brackets)

DIN Rail Mounting Brackets


DIN Rail Mounting Brackets