When I originally came up with the idea to add plasma cutter functionality to the KRMx02, I struggled with how to do the spindle table.

A full sized table would be too heavy to remove and attach to the CNC. Especially on larger build sizes.

What I came up with is a modular silding table system.

I first replaced all the 5/16" cross beam nuts with 5/16" x 7/8" standoffs.

A piece of 1" steel angle is then added to each side to act as guides for the modular tables.

I then built a table section 33-5/8" x 21" out of 1030 extrusion and MDF.

It slides in-place between the two guides.

I series of clamps will be used to hold it in-place.



This first table will have a index stop to insure it is held exactly in the same position each time it is installed.

Other smaller tables will be added as needed for support.