I purchased a copy of SheetCam when I started my KRMx02 Plasma CNC experiments.  I can tell you for CNC plasma toolpaths, SheetCam is awesome and I would purchase it again.  

I primarily use VCarve Pro to generate my CNC Router toolpaths.  It has never failed me, but it is very pricey and might not fit into some budgets.

I just started playing with SheetCam for generating CNC router toolpaths.  While there are tutorials available for CNC plasma using SheetCam, I could find nothing for CNC routers, so I thought I would document some of my settings and procedures so others can benefit.

In the process, I will be making this little gear.  It is made out of 3/8" PVC. 



You can click on any of the photos to enlarge.



VCarve has an ability that SheetCam does not. It has built-in CAD. It has the ability to modify the shapes in your imported drawing. It also has the ability to add basic shapes and fonts.  It lacks the more advance features of a dedicated CAD programs like Coreldraw, but it sure is nice to be able to tweak things in CAM if needed.