First, I add my waster board. It's a little larger than my stock, but that's OK.

Next, I add my stock and clamp it into place.

I load the "small gear.txt" Gcode file. 

After zeroing the bit against the stock with my probe, I start the job.

At this cut speed and DOC, it takes a little over 2 minutes to finish the part.

It looks real good.

I think these tabs are the best I have ever done.  They look better than the 2D and 3D tabs I can make with VCarve Pro.

The cuts look great. Especially in soft PVC plastic.  This plastic is very coarse, so these cuts look very good. 


Now I have to tell your.  This is my very first time using SheetCam for a router CNC.  This is my very first cut on the KRMx02.