The operations created in SheetCam are key to generating the toolpaths, but in order to create the actual toolpaths, they must be run against the post processor.  If you remember earlier I had you select the Mach3 post processor.  This works perfectly for the KRMx02, but if you are using another machine another post processor may need to be used.

In this section we are going to run the post processor and create the actual Gcode needed for the KRMx02 to create the small gear.

Before saving your toolpaths, you can select the actual paths that will be saved by selecting the various operations shown here.

Here I am going to save both the shaft hole toolpath and the teeth toolpath.

You save your path files by running the post processor. This is done by clicking the "Run post processor" under the File menu as shown here.


You can also run the post processor by hitting the post processor button in the tool bar.

A save file dialog will apeare so that you can save to a file name and location of your choice.

You will get a pop up showing some of the attributes of your file and a message indicating the process succeeded or failed.

That's it, your Gcode has been saved, you are now ready to load the code into Mach3.