The AirExchanger spacers consists of the 5 parts shown here.

The spacers fit between the top base plate and the bottom base plate. The spacers are 1/2” thick and should provided enough clearance for the vent air to exhaust effectively.

The 1/2” clearance should also provide enough clearance to insert your spindle wrench.

Drawing Files

Here is the drawing file I used to import into my CAM software.

It is in the EPS format as that is what I used to move the shapes from CorelDraw to Vcarve Pro.

AirEchanger Spacers Drawing File


I used a piece of 6” x 5” x 1/2” expanded PVC plate stock. I can get large sheets of these at my local home center. Smaller sheets can be purchased online.

I like the expanded PVC because it’s light weight and can be very forgiving to machine mishaps.

In addition to the plate stock you will need a piece of waste stock. (see below)

You will also need 15, #6-32 x 3/4” machine screws.

Feeds and Speeds

I used a 1/8” up-spiral two flute end mill with a 5/8” cutting depth.

  • Feed: 50IPM

  • Plunge: 50IPM

  • RPM: 18000

  • DOC: .065”

Step 1

Shown here I have secured my plate stock and backer board with a series of table clamps.

I used a piece of MDF, 6” x 5” x 1/2” as a backer board. Notice that this is the same size as the plate stock I used for the parts.

Step 2

I start by drilling the 15 mounting holes through the plate stock.

Step 3

I use a 7/64” drill bit to drill pilot holes into backer at each hole.

I add a piece of tape to set the depth I need to drill. Use one of the 3/4” machine screws to help.

Step 4

A 6-32 x 3/4” machine screw is snugly inserted into each hole. These will hold the parts in-place while it is cut.

Step 5

I then machine the profile of each of the five parts.


One of the down sides to using expanded PVC, is that it has a tendency to leave some fine plastic burrs on the edges.

It is very light so it does not take much to remove. Here I am using a fine sanding sponge to remove the burrs.

The Finished Parts

Your AirExchanger spacers are complete. Set aside until you start the AirExhanger assembly process.