I love my aluminum table on my KRMx02 machines. Its made form pieces of 1” x 3” aluminum extrusions and gives you a T-slot every inch. While this is the most expensive table you can put on a CNC, it is the most rigid and can be used to mount just about everything.

The Design

The design is pretty simple. It consists of six pieces of series 10, 1030 extrusion cut to a length of 32”. Actually I found it a little easier to to install and remove if you cut the pieces to 31-15/16”.

The piece are held together with three pieces of 1-1/4” steel angle. I may replace these with 1-1/4 aluminum angle as the weight of the table is starting to approach 30 Lbs.

The end pieces have a piece of 1” x 1/8” thick aluminum angle attached with flat head screws as shown here. 1” is removed from each of the both ends where it attaches to the 1030.

The aluminum angle has holes drilled so that they can slip over the same studs that the other tables use.

Note that there are a couple spacers under the angle, over the studs that brings the height of the table high enough so that you can access the T-slots.

Using the Table 

Here I have mounted the table on one of my other more advanced CNCCS machines.

Because the table sits inside the frame, I needed to add some extrusion to the front of the frame in order to have the ability to use clamps on the front.

I’m just using some simple steel brackets to hold the extrusion in-place. Later I will make a better support out of steel angle so that I can match the height of the table.

This machine has a set of homing switches installed so I installed a fence on the left side of the machine that is in alignment with the homing switch.

By adding the fence along the Y-axis, I can use it to properly align fixtures or accessories like this rotary.


I will add some drawing files so you can create this table, but I need to do some serious testing first.