The Super-PID is a closed loop speed controller that enables Mach 3 to take control of your router. Mach 3 will be able to start and stop your router and control its speed to as low as 5000 RPM.

The Super-PID can be purchased here. Be sure to download the manufactures instructions for the Super-PID.

SuperPID Installation

In order to connect the SuperPID to your router you must first remove the internal speed controller from your router. The removal process is different for each router.

Router Conversion

The following are step-by-step instructions for converting various routers. Conversion videos are also provided for each conversion.


You can find additional hookup examples in my SuperPID DIN Rail Hookup pages.

SuperPID Wiring #1

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!! Please note that in addition to the wiring shown here, you will also need to connect a wire between the OP terminal and Ground.  This tells the SuperPID that it is in open loop mode.


SuperPID Wiring #2

Before starting this project make sure your router speed sensor has been connected.

Connect the red sensor wire to the SL terminal. Connect the black sensor wire to the PG terminal.  Connect the white sensor wire to the SO terminal.

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!!Important. Page 6 Step 3 has the wrong form displayed. This is the correct from:


SuperPID In Action

Here I am using the SuperPID to cut a new enclosure for my SuperPID.