In this article, I am going to show you how to make the Y axis motor and bearing plates out of aluminum.

Step 1

Start by attaching the motor/bearing plate templates to the four pieces of 5” x 4” stock.

Note that the stock I received was actually 5” x 4.0625”. This is OK, just align the top left with the top left of the stock, as shown here. The excess will just hang down off the bottom.

Step 2

Use a punch to mark all the holes.

Step 3

Drill all the holes. I did this by drilling out all the holes with a 5/16” drill bit. The eight mounting holes were then enlarged to 3/8”

Note that I did not drill the pilot hole for the cutout.

Step 4

Use the pilot drill bit on the hole saw to drill the pilot hole on the main cutout.

This just makes using the hole saw much easier.

Step 5

I clamped the stock in-place and started the cutting the hole with a 1-5/8” bi-metal hole saw.

Use some sort of lubrication to keep the aluminum chips from sticking to the saw. IT does not take much.

The completed cutout.

Step 6

I used a deburring tool to remove all the burrs.

The Finished Mounts

I like sanding my parts with some 220 grit sandpaper on a orbital sander. It gives the pieces a brushed look.


The motor mount installed on the rear of the frame.

The bearing mount installed on the front of the frame.


The Process

I little video I made showing the process.