In this article I am going to make the Z axis motor and bearing plates out of 1/2” aluminum.

Step 1

Attach the templates to the stock as shown here.

Step 2

Mark all the hole locations with a punch.


Step 3

Use a 3/16” drill bit to enlarge the punch marks.

Step 4

Drill the center holes on the bearing and motor mounts with a 5/16” drill bit’

Step 5

Drill The four 11/32” holes in each mount.

Step 6

Drill the eight 3/16” holes in each mount. These will help clear chips when making the 20mm cutouts.

I have also drilled out the center of the main cutout with the pilot bit of the holes saw.

Step 7

Before drilling the larger holes, I remove the center plug from my drill press table. This allows the chips to freely fall through.

The large 1-5/8” holes are made. Note the clamps on the stock.

Step 8

Repeat the process on the 20mm cutouts.

Step 9

The side templates are attached to the stock.

Step 10

The hole locations are marked.

Step 11

The side holes are drilled out with a 3/16” drill bit.

Step 12

I decided not to use the #6-32 screws with tightening nuts to secure the mounts.

I tapped the four holes on each mount with a #10-32 tap.

Completed Part

The finished mounts deburred and sanded with mounting screws.