The aluminum Z carriage goes together as outlined in the book. The pockets in the risers should be done the just like you did on the aluminum Y carriage plates.

Step 1

Attach the templates to the risers and the Z carriage plate as shown here.

In addition I added the Z Carriage Tool Holder Hole template from Volume 2. It is not required, but may save you some time later.


Step 2

Drill the holes holes into the two risers as shown here. Add the 1/2” pockets. Note that only two pockets per truck are actually required.

Step 3

Shown here is the risers attached to the trucks. The other truck mounting screws will be added later through the Z carriage plate.

Step 4

Drill the holes into the Z carriage plate as outlined in the book. Notice the four 1/4” holes at the bottom. These will be used later to attach various tool holders.

Step 5

Attach the Z carriage plate as outlined in the book. No real difference for an aluminum carriage, it’s just heaver.



The X carriage will be removed at the beginning of book 2. So to save you some time, remove it now and place it on a table.

You can then attach the Z carriage for testing as shown here.

Be very careful, with the heaver aluminum, it is much easier to dislodge a bearing ball in one of the trucks. If this happens don’t panic. I have run machines for years on trucks missing a few bearing balls without effect.

Making the Pockets

Here is a little video of me making the pockets.